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Italian Fathers Could Enjoy Longer Paternity Leaves PDF Print
Thursday, 17 November 2016 13:24

paternity-leaveItaly has recently proposed a change in the mandatory paternity leave. According to the new ruling, young fathers will enjoy 5 days of mandatory leave, instead of 3 (1+2), as previously set.

The paternity leave period is 100% paid. The amendment has already passed the first approbation and remains to be approved by the Budget Committee.

The measure follows last year’s attempt to extend parental leaves for fathers up to 15 days – in an amendment to the 2016 Stability Law, which has been rejected. Italy currently has one of the shortest paternity leaves in Europe.

Currently, Italian fathers are entitled to a total of 3 paternity leave days. The first day is referred to the actual day of the child's birth, while the other two days can be taken anytime during the first year of the child's life.

If this amendment will be voted, it will be a great breakthrough, streamlining Italian legislation will the other EU countries.