Our mission is to deliver high quality, cost efficient, tailored services to our clients through our direct pan-European presence in 9 countries and indirect presence in 15+ countries

Payroll PDF Print

We make it simple to submit and process your payroll. We can receive your payroll input in any format: by phone, email, online. We can process late payroll input.


You can choose to have us helping you on your premises with tracking and sourcing of employee personal data, compensation, benefits and leaves.


Using our own technology and tools, we provide Secure 24/7 access to:


  • Monthly payroll output
  • Payslips in pdf or paper;
  • Country’s standard payment files (bank files);
  • Accounting file;
  • Control reports for payroll validation in Excel;
  • Management reports for payroll analysis in Excel;
  • Monthly, quarterly and year end statutory / mandatory payroll reports for Authorities, statutory insurances and employees
  • On line access for employees to download current and historical ePayslips (pdf).
  • On line access for key Client users to:
  • Real time calendar, and deadlines and SLA tracking
  • Real time adhoc requests processing status (starters, leavers, illness, accident, etc.)
  • Complete payroll output for each month
  • All payroll and HR documentation received or generated
  • Complete statutory employee files
  • Running and exporting of standard reports


    Our legal and tax teams constantly follow up with the ongoing complex changes in local legislation in Europe to guarantee 100% compliance and provide advice, guidance and be your regional trusted partner.


    We specialize in addressing the special requirements of small and mid-sized multinationals, establishing their offices in Europe, and requiring a “hand-holding” approach, pro-activity, availability and responsiveness.


    If you are a large company on SAP platform, we can process your payroll using SAP technology.


    We are your regional payroll and HR trusted partner in Europe and we adapt to your needs.