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HR Administration
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Labor law is very complex in Europe, especially in countries like Italy, France and Spain. Now, due to challenging economic environment, there are constant changes to keep up with.


We offer to our clients both statutory and company specific HR administration services.


We help our clients with comprehensive processing of starters/leavers, employees’ contracts and contract changes/extensions; processing of leaves (illness, strikes, military service leaves, maternal, paternal and parental leaves, unpaid leaves and similar).

We manage requests to/from Social Security, Tax authorities and other mandatory insurances; internal HR requests and processes; employee transfer and taxation abroad.


We provide assistance to clients with both statutory and corporate audits.


We constantly track the changes in Labor law as well as Collective Agreements.


We have significant HR administration experience in industries with high employee turnover (i.e. retail, low cost airlines) and with processing of high number of short-term employment contracts and extensions. We have experience with terminations and employee/employer/social security negotiations. We offer companies various labor risk assessment programs to ensure compliance and reduce risk exposure.