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Time & Attendance
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Our Time and Attendance tools are fully web-based, easy-to-use, developed for various vertical markets and make a unique user experience possible. They help you to streamline payroll preparation, improve wage and hour compliance and feed into payroll system to save you time for monthly payroll input gathering.


We offer your business multiple options to collect employee time and attendance information, including electronic or online time sheets, badge card time in/out clocks, biometric time clocks (hand geometry and fingerprint), and wireless devices.


Our Time and Attendance solutions automate the calculation and reporting of hours worked and paid time off based on your company's pay policies, making it easier for you to manage labor costs, control overtime, and empower your workforce with self-service access to hours, schedules and vacation balances. We help you to enforce attendance and leave policies more consistently.


Our solutions simplify employee scheduling by giving you the tools to ensure adequate staffing coverage, prevent employees from working outside scheduled hours, and avoid unnecessary overtime.


Our Time & Attendance is an OnDemand product with no troublesome installation or time consuming implementation, which helps to save costs on introducing the system and ongoing use. The effort from employees to enter their presence or absence, request leave or overtime, is very low.


We constantly monitor and update all ongoing legislative changes.